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Estoria Hotel in Tallinn city centre (2)

Estoria Hotel

The Estoria Hotel was opened in Spring 2014 and is situated right between the Tallinn main mall (Viru Keskus) and the legendary (but a...
Tallinn Restaurant MEKK (33)

Restaurant MEKK

Restaurant MEKK has been open for over 6 successful years. The location of the restaurant is good, as it's next to the Savoy Boutique...
Tallinn Restaurant Ribe (16)

Restaurant Ribe

Restaurant Ribe is located in Tallinn Old Town, and has frequently appeared on the Estonian Top 50 Restaurants list. We decided to give it...
Tallinn Restaurant Cru (1)

Restaurant Cru

Restaurant Cru is located in Tallinn Old Town just a short walk away from Viru Gates. In 2014 the restaurant was ranked as the...
Restaurant Clazz in Tallinn Old Town (4)

Restaurant Clazz

Restaurant Clazz, which can be found in Tallinn Old Town, was one of the original restaurants on our restaurant list for Tallinn, but after its...