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Tallinn Seaplane Harbour (3)

Seaplane Harbour

Tallinn's Seaplane Harbour is the Estonian Maritime Museum's modern and impressive exhibition hall located within walking distance from Tallinn city centre near the old Patarei...
Tallinn Pirita Convent (3)

Pirita Convent

St.Bridget's Convent, or to be more precise the ruins of it, are located in Tallinn's prestigious Pirita district by the sea. The monastery was built...
Bastion Tunnels in Tallinn Old Town (3)

Bastion Tunnels in Tallinn Old Town

Interested in seeing the real underground places (literally) of Tallinn? If your asnwer is yes, then you should head to the Bastion tunnels! The tunnels...
St. Catherine's Passage in Tallinn old town

St. Catherine’s Passage

St. Catherine's Passage is one of the most beautiful places in Tallinn Old Town and offers a real medieval atmosphere at its best. So if you...
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (1)

Song Festival Grounds

The Song Festival Grounds (Lauluväljak) have a special role in Estonian history and national identity, as it's the place where the legendary Song Festival,...