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Tallinn Viru Hotel KGB Museum

Viru Hotel’s KGB Museum

The Viru Hotel KGB Museum offers one of the most fascinating guided tours in Tallinn, as you learn a lot about the KGB and...
Tallinn Central Market (4)

Tallinn Central Market

Tallinn central market (Keskturg) is located about 2 kilometres from the city centre, and can easily be reached either on foot or by bus number 2. At the...
Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport 66

Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport is located about 4 kilometres from Tallinn city centre. The airport isn't exactly the Heathrow of the Baltic countries, as...
Tallinn Juustukuningad Cheese Shop (7)

Juustukuningad Cheese Shops in Tallinn City Centre

Tallinn offers a pretty extensive selection of small boutique shops, but one of these has a special place in our hearts - or literally...
Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo is the only zoo in Estonia and it houses over 500 different animal species. To be honest, when we first visited the zoo...