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Tallinn Cafe Mmuah (3)

Cafe Mmuah

Based on our experiences Cafe Mmuah, which is located in the Viru Keskus Shopping Centre, is one of the best lunch places in Tallinn city centre, if you want to get good food for a decent price. As there’s always a…

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Tallinn Passanger Terminal D (1)

Port of Tallinn: Passenger Terminal D

The Port of Tallinn consists of three different passenger terminals: Terminal A, Terminal D and Linnahall Terminal. Terminal D is used by Tallink ferry ships, which  operate Tallinn-Helsinki and Tallinn-Stockholm lines. If you want to do some last minute alcohol shopping,…

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Tallinn Pirita Beach (4)

Pirita Beach

Legendary Pirita beach is located about 7km from Tallinn downtown and it’s within easy access whether travelling by car, cycling, or taking a bus (1A, 8, and 114A passes the Pirita and Supluse puiestee bus stops). Even though the beach is located in the…

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