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Tallinn Pierre Chocolaterie and Masters' Courtyard (1)

Masters’ Courtyard and Pierre Chocolaterie

Pierre Chocolaterie is located in Masters’ Courtyard, which without a doubt is one of the most beautiful places in Tallinn Old Town. The cafeteria itself is good enough reason to visit the courtyard, as Pierre offers a delicious selection of hot chocolates…

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Tallinn Botanic Garden

Tallinn Botanic Garden

Tallinn Botanic Garden is about 8km from the city centre, near the Tallinn TV Tower. The garden has many different categories of flowers, trees and plants –  from house plants to tropical varieties. Altogether the Botanic Garden covers 123 hectares and…

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Tallinn Cafe Maiasmokk

Kalev – Estonian Confectionery

Kalev was established in 1806 when Lorenz Caviezel opened a confectioner’s in Tallinn Old Town’s Pikk-Street (where the oldest cafe in Estonia Maiasmokk is located), and today Kalev is the biggest and most famous confectionery company in Estonia. It is considered one of the…

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Tallinn The Legend of Lake Ülemiste (1)

The Legend of Lake Ülemiste

Lake Ülemiste is the most important fresh water source for Tallinn city, with all the drinking water coming from there. The lake is located near Ülemiste shopping centre and  Tallinn Airport (Lennart Meri Tallinna lennujaam) and surrounded by high fences, because the area is…

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Tallinn Viru Keskus Shopping Centre (4)

Viru Keskus Shopping Centre

Viru Keskus shopping centre is located in the city centre of Tallinn, along the main street Narva Maantee. The location is ideal if you have a busy schedule for your Tallinn trip, and especially if you are coming by cruise…

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