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Cafe Mmuah

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Based on our experiences Cafe Mmuah, which is located in the Viru Keskus Shopping Centre, is one of the best lunch places in Tallinn city centre, if you want to get good food for a decent price. As there’s always a call for good lunch spots, Mmuah deserves a place on our restaurant list for Tallinn. Cafe Mmuah’s interior design is stylish and service has always been friendly, but one minus is the fact that the other entrance is through the next door shop.Tallinn Cafe Mmuah (1)

Our recommendations from the menu are as follows: for a starter or a snack European sprat (in Estonian kilu) with poached egg, and for a main course Baltic herring or Mmuah’s delicious burger. The cafe also serves delicious pancakes, but we reckon those are a bit expensive. Starters in Cafe Mmuah cost 5-8€, main dishes 5-10€ and desserts 3-5€.Tallinn Cafe Mmuah (2)

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 11.00-22.00
Sun 11.00-19.00

More photos:

The location of Cafe Mmuah can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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