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The best restaurants in estonia 2015

The Best Restaurants in Estonia 2015

The list of the 50 best restaurants in Estonia is out! However, this is only a preliminary list, as of yet the restaurants haven’t been ranked in any particular order. This will be done later in the year when the judges have…

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Tallinn Pancake Pub Kompressor (7)

Pancake Pub Kompressor

The legendary Pancake Pub Kompressor is located in Tallinn Old Town and the place has a kind of cult reputation among the locals as well as tourists. Over the years many things in Tallinn have changed, but Kompressor has been…

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Tallinn Pudel Baar (2)

Pudel Baar in Tallinn Kalamaja District

Pudel Baar (Eng. ‘Bottle Bar’) is located on Tallinn’s Telliskivi Street (approx. 2km from city centre) and it’s one of our favourite bars in Tallinn. Pudel Bar only sells craft beers – the beer selection varies from bigger Scottish BrewDog and Dannish Mikkeller…

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Tallinn Vegan Restaurant V (3)

Vegan Restaurant V

Vegan Restoran V was opened in April 2014 right in Tallinn Old Town, and it is the first vegan restaurant in Estonia.  You don’t have to be a vegan to love this place – it’s one of the most charming and…

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Tallinn Restaurant Manna La Roosa (14)

Restaurant Manna La Roosa

Manna La Roosa is just few steps away from Tallinn Old Town near Viru Street. The building used to be a pharmacy but after the Soviet Union’s collapse this beautiful wooden building was sadly standing empty for over two decades. It…

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