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Tallinn Restaurant Kivi Paber Käärid (77)

Restaurant Kivi Paber Käärid

Kivi Paber Käärid (Rock Paper Scissors) is probably best known for its gluten-free menu. The restaurant is located in Tallinn’s Kalamaja Telliskivi Street in the immediate vicinity of Pudel Bar. In addition to delicious gluten-free food, Kivi Paber Käärid aims to offer food for the…

0 Comments / 01/11/2015

Enzo Cafe & Restaurant Tallinn (4)

Enzo Cafe & Restaurant

The Enzo Cafe & Restaurant is without a doubt the best restaurant in the harbour area, but so far it seems to have attracted more local customers than tourists. The restaurant can be found in the Navigator commercial building, which is located in the…

0 Comments / 28/08/2015

Tallinn Restoran Umami (15)

Restaurant Umami

Restaurant Umami is located in the premises of an old (renovated) wooden house in Mustamäe district, and it is the “little brother” of Restaurant Leib Resto & Aed. On entering, your first thought might be: Where on earth am I?, as at first…

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Tallinn Restaurant Kaks Kokka (1)

Restaurant Kaks Kokka

The top three of our restaurant recommendation list for Tallinn hasn’t changed much recently, but a visit to Restaurant Kaks Kokka finally brought that about. Kaks Kokka represents the newer restaurant scene in Tallinn and it offered such a high-quality dining…

0 Comments / 01/07/2015

The best restaurants in estonia 2015

The Best Restaurants in Estonia 2015

The list of the 50 best restaurants in Estonia is out! However, this is only a preliminary list, as of yet the restaurants haven’t been ranked in any particular order. This will be done later in the year when the judges have…

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