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Tallinn Botanic Garden

Tallinn Botanic Garden

Tallinn Botanic Garden is about 8km from the city centre, near the Tallinn TV Tower. The garden has many different categories of flowers, trees and plants –  from house plants to tropical varieties. Altogether the Botanic Garden covers 123 hectares and…

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Tallinn Cafe Maiasmokk

Kalev – Estonian Confectionery

Kalev was established in 1806 when Lorenz Caviezel opened a confectioner’s in Tallinn Old Town’s Pikk-Street (where the oldest cafe in Estonia Maiasmokk is located), and today Kalev is the biggest and most famous confectionery company in Estonia. It is considered one of the…

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Tallinn Kadriorg Palace (10)

Kadriorg Palace

Tallinn’s Kadriorg Palace is a baroque building built in 1718 by Peter the Great of Russia for his wife, Catherine I. Actually, Kadriorg means literally in Estonian ‘Catherine’s Valley’. The palace was designed by Niccolo Michetti, and it was supposed…

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The Tallinn Town Hall Tower & The Legend of Old Thomas (2)

The Tallinn Town Hall Tower & The Legend of Old Thomas

Tallinn’s Town Hall Tower is located on a square of the same name. The Town Hall Square is the heart of the city, the central point where major events have taken place (Christmas market, concerts, political speeches etc.) since medieval times….

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Tallinn Old Town (1)

Tallinn Card

If you’re coming to Tallinn for a cultural holiday and want to visit museums and take a sightseeing tour around the city, we recommend purchasing Tallinn Card. With this card you can save money and time if you’re planning to…

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