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Tallinn Old Town (1)

Tallinn Card

If you’re coming to Tallinn for a cultural holiday and want to visit museums and take a sightseeing tour around the city, we recommend purchasing Tallinn Card. With this card you can save money and time if you’re planning to…

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Tallinn The Legend of the Devil's Wedding (2)

The Legend of the Devil’s Wedding

Like all cities, Tallinn has several ghost stories and one of the most legendary is about the Devil’s Wedding. If you’re walking in the Tallinn Old Town you will most probably pass the Cat’s Well. The well itself has a…

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Tallinn Seaplane Harbour (3)

Seaplane Harbour

Tallinn’s Seaplane Harbour is the Estonian Maritime Museum’s modern and impressive exhibition hall located within walking distance from Tallinn city centre near the old Patarei Prison, in the Kalamaja district. From the Town Hall Square it takes approximately 20 minutes to…

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Tallinn Pirita Convent (3)

Pirita Convent

St.Bridget’s Convent, or to be more precise the ruins of it, are located in Tallinn’s prestigious Pirita district by the sea. The monastery was built at the beginning of 15th century, and operated for 150 years. It was the largest nunnery in Old…

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Bastion Tunnels in Tallinn Old Town (3)

Bastion Tunnels in Tallinn Old Town

Interested in seeing the real underground places (literally) of Tallinn? If your asnwer is yes, then you should head to the Bastion tunnels! The tunnels were built during Swedish rule in the 17th-century to protect the city and were forgotten…

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