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Tallinn Linnahall (3)


Linnahall is one of the few buildings in the Tallinn city centre area which reminds the passerby of the country’s past as a part of the Soviet Union. However, the current condition of this concrete complex is just sad, as Linnahall stands empty…

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Tallinn Russalka Memorial (1)

Russalka Memorial

The Rusalka statue is probably Tallinn’s most famous site for wedding shoots and every weekend it attracts numerous new wedding couples. The statue is located by the Baltic Sea coast with beautiful views across the sea. It’s worth visiting the…

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Tallinn Kalev Chocolate Shop in Rotermann City

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Rotermann City

The confectionery maker, Kalev’s shop, is located in Tallinn’s historical Rotermann City. Despite the store’s stylish interior the selection of chocolates isn’t really that special, as they sell basic Kalev products and handmade chocolate. You can find pretty much the same merchandise for example…

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Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek) (2)

Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek)

In case you want to combine a visit to a pharmacy and soak up medieval atmosphere while in Tallinn, then we urge you to visit Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek), which is one of Europe’s oldest pharmacies in continuous operation. The pharmacy opened its…

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Tallinn Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (1)

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Undoubtedly the most gorgeous church on Tallinn Toompea hill is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which was opened in 1900. This one-hundred-year-plus old building has seen the Russian Empire, independent Estonia, Soviet times, and again independent Republic of Estonia. Back in the day,…

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