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Tallinn Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (1)

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Undoubtedly the most gorgeous church on Tallinn Toompea hill is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which was opened in 1900. This one-hundred-year-plus old building has seen the Russian Empire, independent Estonia, Soviet times, and again independent Republic of Estonia. Back in the day,…

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Tallinn Old Town Flower Stands (3)

Flower Stands on Viru Street

More than likely everyone who has ever visited Tallinn remembers the colourful flower stands along Viru street, as there are at least half a dozen in a row. So it’s almost impossible to miss the hundreds of pretty flower bouquets when entering Tallinn Old…

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Tallinn St. Olaf's Church Tower (4)

St. Olaf’s Church Tower

St. Olaf’s Church Tower is one of the best viewing platforms in Tallinn and we recommend visiting it, especially if you want to admire the Old Town from a new perspective. The stairs to the tower are narrow and long, so…

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Tallinn St. Olaf's Church (1)

St. Olaf’s Church

Tallinn Old Town is full of beautiful churches and one of these is the Gothic style St. Olaf’s Church. The church was built in the 13th century, but has burnt down three times, so the building you see today in Tallinn isn’t quite…

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Tallinn TV Tower (12)

Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower (Tallinna Teletorn) is a magnificent building, which can be seen from almost anywhere in Tallinn or nearby areas, and it’s also one of the most significant symbols of Estonia’s restoration of independence and separation from the Soviet Union…

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