Tallinn Old Town’s Clayhills is a gastropub, which has an okayish beer selection (though for a gastropub quite limited), drinks, wines and food. We haven’t tried their dishes because for pub food it seems to be overpriced and at those prices one can have a proper meal elsewhere in the city. However, if you feel like having a drink or two, you can stop by at Clayhills Gastropub, because their drink prices are actually really decent considering their central location. For example, a beer tasting plate (photo below) costs 7.50€, which consists of two of Clayhills’ own beers and foreign beers like Leffe Blonde, Budweiser Budvar and Abbot Ale.Clayhills Gastropub in Tallinn old town (1)
Clayhills advertises itself as the very first gastropub in Estonia, which perhaps is the case, but to be honest there are better beer places in Tallinn with a wider variety of import and craft beers (e.g. Koht/Moonshine Bar and Pudel Baar). The place has a nice interior and often on weekend evenings there is live music, which is a big plus. They also show main sports events like for example Champions League games.
Clayhills Gastropub in Tallinn old town (2)

Based on our latest visits, this isn’t our favourite spot but there seems to always be people inside. Perhaps we’ve just missed something special about this place?! 😉 Click here to book a table:

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Opening hours:
Sun-Tue 11.00-00.00
Wedn-Thu 11.00-01-00
Fri-Sat 11.00-02.00

Clayhills Gastropub’s location can be found on our Tallinn Map (below).
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