The Danish King’s Garden is centrally situated on Toomepea Hill between the city wall and lower Tallinn. Basically it is just a small garden-like square with medieval feel to it, but there’s an interesting story behind the garden, which makes it a special place for Danes and Estonians.

The Danish King's Garden in Tallinn Old Town (1)

According to the legend, in 1219 the Danish King’s (Valdemar II) forces were losing a battle with the Estonians when all of a sudden a red flag with a white cross floated from the open sky. This was interpreted as a heavenly and victorious sign from God, and the course of the battle turned in the Danes’ favour making them rulers of Tallinn and Northern-Estonia for over a hundred years. With all due respect to Danes, we’re still not quite convinced Dannebrog, the Danish flag, originates from heaven but perhaps it did get its current design during those times, and without a doubt it’s an engrossing story! 🙂

The Danish King's Garden in Tallinn Old Town (2)

The small ‘garden’ itself is picturesque with trees, flowers, benches, views to the lower town, a medieval wall and two fortification towers, Stable and Virgin’s Towers. The latter has a cafeteria with an entrance fee. If you just want to sit down, have a cup of coffee on the terrace and walk on the medieval wall, you don’t need to pay for it, as there is another cafeteria on the other end of the wall without any entrance fee. As this is a tourist trap and consequently the prices are higher, we’re sure that both cafe’s have good margins without the entrance fee rip-off. Even though the Danish King’s Garden can be touristy in summer, it’s still one of the prettiest places in the Old Town.

The Danish King's Garden in Tallinn Old Town (3)

The location of the Danish King’s Garden can be found on our Tallinn Map.


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