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Estoria Hotel

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The Estoria Hotel was opened in Spring 2014 and is situated right between the Tallinn main mall (Viru Keskus) and the legendary (but a bit ‘decrepit’) Viru Hotel. The Tallinn Old Town starts just across the road, so the location is perfect. The fact that this new hotel is connected to the old Viru hotel got our attention, so we had to check it out. According to the website, the Estoria is a unique theme hotel in which each room has its own Estonian story.

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The theme in our room was about Tallinn Lennusadam (Seaplane Harbour), which basically meant a few photos in frames hanging on the wall accompanied by a few very short descriptions. This was our first stay with the Solo hotel chain and we cannot comment on their other hotels, but we believe that with the Estoria this theme could have been taken further and been a bit more ‘playful’ for the guests. After all, Seaplane Harbour has an interesting history and it’s a unique award winning museum.  For example, once we stayed in a theme hotel in Germany and it had truly unique rooms: each room had a distinct personality, the interior and decor was thought out thoroughly, so each theme became clear for the guests without being too tacky. We’re not saying the Estoria should paint colourful airplanes on the walls, or change bed linen to Pixar’s Planes animation linen, but the rooms just didn’t feel unique enough. They were beautiful, colourful and spacious, but for a theme hotel the rooms simply lacked character.

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Paulig’s Cupsolo machine

The reception, entrance and breakfast are served in Viru Hotel’s premises, but apart from that, the Estoria has its very own building, which only the hotel’s guests can enter with their key cards. The Estoria is connected to Viru Hotel with an overpass and the doors can be opened with the aforementioned key cards. Thus, the guests sort of have a second lounge in the Estoria building where they can enjoy complimentary coffee or tea, small snacks, watch TV or read a newspaper.
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If we leave the theme issue aside, the rooms are beautiful with bold but cheerful colour choices, and the Estoria’s beds deserve special praise: they probably have the most comfy beds in the city! We got so excited about them that we actually spent a few hours on our second day just chilling around: lying in our beds and looking at crowds in the old town across the road. It’s a shame the beds were too huge for us to smuggle them home without being noticed! 😉 Also, the duvets and pillows were high-quality.  Hence, if you want to ensure a good night’s sleep, then we can warmly recommend this hotel.

Speaking of chilling around and relaxing, good snacks tend to be an essential part of it. Usually we don’t care much about mini-bars, but it was lovely to notice that the Estoria offered local sweets and savoury snacks for a reasonable price. Some of the products can be even regarded as exotic for non-Scandinavian or Baltic tourists.

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Some Estonian products from the minibar

After sleeping like babies and waking-up feeling well-rested, it was time to ‘inspect’ the breakfast. The buffet was served in a renovated and modern restaurant called Merineitsi. It had a great variety and hot drinks were served to the tables, which was a nice little extra touch. In addition to that, the staff greeted us cheerfully on both mornings, which unfortunately cannot be taken for granted in Estonia.

Overall, our 2 night stay in the Estoria was pleasant and we are happy to recommend it to people who are ready to pay a little bit extra for comfort. Visit the Estoria Hotel’s website to learn more about their services. See the Estoria Hotel’s availability and rates via the following link:


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The location of Hotel Estoria can be found on the Tallinn map below.
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