Koht/Moonshine Bar in Tallinn Old Town (2)

Koht/Moonshine Bar in Tallinn Old Town

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Koht (‘The Place’ in English) is a small bar in Tallinn old town with a very extensive beer selection. Despite its central location people miss it because you need to go through a gateway/tunnel from Lai street to get there. There are also private properties in the courtyard, so it can be a bit confusing to find, which in a way is a good thing for beer lovers who know the place. 😉 Koht used to be called Moonshine Bar, and despite its new name, many  still refer to it as Moonshine Bar. Hence, ‘the place’ has two names. During the past year this has become one of our favourite beer places in Tallinn along with Pudel Bar, and we can warmly recommend this place for folks who are into speciality beers, ciders or just for those who are seeking new experiences in Tallinn. The prices are relatively cheap considering the central location.
Koht/Moonshine Bar in Tallinn Old Town (15)
Next to the bar there’s an excellent tiny beer shop, which is also a good landmark (if you find the store, you cannot miss the bar). Koht doesn’t advertise itself (and considering how crowded it gets e.g. on weekend nights, there’s no need) nor do they have any signs or information about the opening hours. On a wooden door is a simple piece of paper with the following text: ‘Place is open, if it is not closed’. Logical, eh? But usually it opens around 5 pm, and gets more crowded towards evening. It stays open as long as there are customers. When it comes to the interior, it’s quite modest and tiny but has a warm feel. There’s a real fireplace, comfy soft chairs, and it feels as if you’re in someone’s living room. Not a regular pub we’d say.

In both the beer shop and bar, we’ve had professional and friendly service, so if you want to buy some beers/cider for souvenirs, the staff will help you for sure to choose something according to your liking. They have speciality beers from all around the world but we’d recommend Estonian craft beers if you haven’t tried them yet. They have a wide selection of beers from local brewers:  Põhjala, Õllenaut, Hamplemann, Tanker, Lehe and Hopster can all be found from the store and the bar. Just forget about regular Coronas and Heinekens!

Even though Koht doesn’t have a web page, they do have a Facebook page (in Estonian).

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The location of Koht can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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