Kohvik Moon (Cafe Poppy… the flower) has been already for some time one of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn, and no wonder, because at Kohvik Moon delicious food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere are all combined. It takes only a 10 minute walk from the ‘heart’ of the city and few minutes from Old Town’s Fat Margaret Tower to get to Kohvik Moon, so it is centrally located near Kalasadama (the Fish Market) and the Ilmarine Quarter. Still, as it’s in the residential area and not the ‘heart of the city’, it is not as touristy as many fancy(ier) restaurants in the centre, which is nice.

Kohvik Moon’s menu is inspired by Russian cuisine e.g. it includes Borsch and Uhhaa soups, dumplings, blinis, and their starter plate consists of all of the Russian classics: lard, rye rusks, marinated chanterelles, Baltic herring, quail eggs, salty cucumbers, and sauces. And you could add a vodka shot with the aforementioned starter, like they recommend at Kohvik Moon; ‘A vot! Vkusno!’ Of course, it’s a matter of taste but if you’re interested in trying real Russian ‘Zakuski’ (snacks), then we recommend you give it a try! 🙂

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This is not a high-end gastronomy restaurant nor does it even try to be. The main chefs and owners wanted to get back to their culinary roots and offer simple, local and delicious food, and we think they’ve really succeeded. They use familiar high-quality ingredients (at least for Nordic and Baltic folks…well, apart from lard! 😉 ) and the dishes, for all their simplicity, are amazing! Also, vegetarians have been taken into consideration, as Kohvik Moon offers a separate menu for those who don’t eat meat.

The interior is very simple, but the candle light and little details make it warm and cosy. For example teacup chandeliers are fun and pretty unique decorative elements. However, wooden panels seemed a bit outdated and reminded us of walls in a sauna, but perhaps it was an attempt to create nostalgic feelings?

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For dinner, we recommend booking a table in advance, because on weekend evenings Kohvik Moon is often fully packed. They also serve lunch, and if you understand Estonian (or want to use e.g. Google Translate), we would also recommend taking a look at their Facebook page for daily lunch offers. For example, you can get lamb in red wine sauce, mashed potatoes, and salad for just 6€. Prices on their menu are also reasonable (and the portions are good sized!): starters 8-13€, soups 4.50-6€, main courses 10-20€ and desserts 4-6€.

We definitely think that Kohvik Moon deserves a place on our restaurant recommendations for Tallinn, and are happy to recommend it for those who want to try Russian delicacies. The beauty of Kohvik Moon’s dishes lies in the fact that sometimes a simple and down-to-earth approach to preparing meals is better than all that super fancy and artsy stuff on your plate. Also, the main chefs run a second restaurant, Kolm Sibulat (Three Onions), on Tallinn’s Telliskivi street. In contrast to Kohvik Moon’s distinct menu, which focuses on Russian cuisine only, in Kolm Sibulat the main chefs are able to experiment with new ingredients and get creative, as it is (according to their own words) a ‘fusion-confusion’ kitchen.

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sat 12.00-23.00
Sun 13.00-21.00

Take a look on our Tallinn Map (below) for Kohvik Moon’s location.

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