During the 1960’s and 70’s the Soviet Union was active in the building of war memorials in memory of Soviet soldiers who fell during World War II, and in 1960 Tallinn got its own, called Maarjamäe Memorial. The memorial is quite a massive structure and if you approach Tallinn from the sea, it’s visible to the left side. In 1975, additional sections were constructed dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who died in 1941. There’s one thing which makes this place pretty interesting: a cemetery for German soldiers is located right behind the war memorial, so the place is a kind of hotchpotch.

Tallinn-Maarjamae Memorial 65

We are not sure what the condition of the German cemetery was during the Soviet occupation, but today the place is full of memorial stones, crosses etc., so if you are interested in war history, then Maarjamäe is definitely worth visiting. At least we found this place to be interesting and it has a beautiful location with a sea view and green mounds.

More photos:
The location of Maarjamäe War Memorial can be found on our Tallinn Map (below).


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