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Restaurant Manna La Roosa

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Manna La Roosa is just few steps away from Tallinn Old Town near Viru Street. The building used to be a pharmacy but after the Soviet Union’s collapse this beautiful wooden building was sadly standing empty for over two decades. It was designed by Karl Hippius at the end of the 19th century and the architect’s brother, Otto Pius Hippius, designed the Kaarli Church.  Also, it is believed that Oskar Luts, the Estonian writer, wrote large parts of his famous ‘Kevade’ piece whilst he lived for a year in this building. So it has an interesting history, though when it comes to the Manna La Roosa’s interior, it’s anything but old-fashioned. Different and strange are perhaps the best words to describe Manna La Roosa. It looks like the interior was designed by a person under the influence of LSD, as it feels like you’ve entered a ‘psychedelic circus’; it’s full of different colours, patterns, furniture, decorations, odds and ends in every corner. However, this unexpected and contemporary approach to Manna La Roosa’s interior design is exactly what makes it interesting and worth visiting. In addition, some of the artworks, furniture and decorations are for sale.
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Also, they have a nice summer terrace. Perhaps one of the most surprising and tasteless part of the restaurant is their ‘wallpaper’ on the way to the toilets, which can make some people feel uncomfortable. Let’s just say we would go elsewhere if we were out with kids, elderly or some more conservative people. Manna La Roosa has a good team behind their kitchen but to be frank we were slightly disappointed by their meals, as the price and quality doesn’t seem to meet. You pay for the coolness of the place. However, their drink menu is long and the drinks are absolutely fantastic! They’re not the cheapest (7-10€) but consist of real berries and fruits. Though be warned: they taste like healthy smoothies! 😉

Although we didn’t quite fancy their dishes, this place is full of customers on weekend evenings and without table reservation you might get turned away at the door (yep, tried it).  Their appetizers cost 7-12€, main courses 12-23€ and desserts 6€, so for that price range one can have a really nice dinner with high-quality ingredients elsewhere (take a look at our restaurant recommendations to Tallinn). But of course, food matters are always subjective, and we know people who really like Manna La Roosa’s dishes. Nevertheless, this place is fun, playful, bohemian and unique. For this reason we do recommend visiting Manna La Roosa for a drink or two. Click here to book a table:

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Manna La Roosa’s opening hours:
Monday-Tuesday 12.00-00.00 
Wednesday-Thursday 12.00-01.00
Friday-Saturday 12.00-03.00
Sunday 12.00-22.00
For more information, visit their website.

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The location of Manna La Roosa can be found on the Tallinn Map below.

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