Restaurant Cru is located in Tallinn Old Town just a short walk away from Viru Gates. In 2014 the restaurant was ranked as the 11th best restaurant in Estonia. We had a lunch in Cru and the food was okay but by no means great. However, the location of Cru is excellent and the decor is modern and sleek. Probably the best part of the lunch was restaurant Cru’s homemade bread with mushroom creme fraiche spread, which was one of the finest spreads we have tasted in any restaurant. Yet, even though the appetisers looked really beautiful the taste lacked those little things that would have made them special.
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For the  main course we ordered tuna and cheese-truffle soup, and the tuna was good but unfortunately the latter didn’t meet our expectations.  For dessert we decided to order Belgian chocolate caramel cake, which didn’t disappoint us. All in all, the food left mixed feelings, as some of the dishes were good when others were pretty average. On the other hand, we reckon restaurant Cru to be more like a dinner restaurant than a place where you have a casual lunch. A couple who were sitting on the next table seemed to be satisfied with everything, but it should be mentioned that their waiter was way better than ours. Generally speaking, restaurant Cru seems to be offering pretty good service, sadly though our waitress didn’t seem to be interested in doing her work. Placing an order took forever and we didn’t feel welcome.
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In summary, restaurant Cru is by no means a bad restaurant and also a large proportion of their TripAdvisor reviews are positive. Perhaps we just had bad luck, and dinner could have offered a completely different kind of experience.  However,  Cru is a pretty expensive restaurant, and based on our last visit, we can’t really recommend this place. For example there are several nice restaurants located just a short walk from Cru, which offer better value for your money and friendlier service. On the other hand, we know people who have liked restaurant Cru. Appetisers in Cru cost 8-15€, main courses 12-24€ and desserts 6-7€. More information can be found on Cru’s website. Click here to book a table:

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Restaurant opening hours:
Mon-Sun 12.00-23.00

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The location of Restaurant Cru can be found on the Tallinn map below.
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