Restaurant F-hoone, which is located in Tallinn’s trendy Kalamaja area, is definitely one of the coolest and most unique restaurants in the city. We’ve visited F-Hoone in several occasions, sometimes just for a quick lunch and other times for a cup of coffee. The restaurant isn’t a fine dining place, so if you are looking for white tablecloths, sommeliers and other fancy stuff, then it’s probably better to go elsewhere.
Tallinn Restaurant F-Hoone (1)
In its own unique way F-Hoone is really cosy but at the same time trendy, where you can get good food and friendly service . F-Hoone doesn’t even try to be fancy, and why should it?  The place is also a very child friendly restaurant, as there’s a small playroom for kids and little wooden clogs they can wear (kids gonna love them!). 🙂 The restaurant is an absolute bargain as starters cost 4.5-7 €,  soups 3-3.5€, main courses 5.5-9€, beers 3-4 € (pretty good selection of speciality beers), and desserts 1.5-4 €. Without a doubt it deserves a place on our restaurant list for Tallinn. More information about the menu can be found from F-Hoone’s website.

Restaurant opening hours:
Mon-Sat 10.00-00.00
Sun 10.00-22.00

More photos:

The location of F-Hoone can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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