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Unfortunately, we have noticed that many tourists in Tallinn tend to eat in overpriced restaurants serving low quality food in the Old Town. Yes, the beautiful and historical Old Town is one of the main attractions, but you should keep in mind that it’s also a ‘tourist trap’ (like all popular cities/countries- not only in Estonia), where the price-quality ratio doesn’t often meet the tourists’ expectations. Hence, we want to share with you some of our favourite dining places in Tallinn, and have given stars (***** five stars, standing for excellence) based on the ‘whole package’ – not only ‘gourmet’ food and/or prices. The restaurants are divided into four groups:

Highly Recommended: 

Leib Resto ja Aed *****

Restaurant ‘Leib Resto ja Aed’ is definitely one of the hidden gems right in the Tallinn Old Town. Despite its excellent location, it’s still ‘hidden’ as one needs to enter through a beautiful private garden. In fact, ‘leib’ means bread in Estonian and ‘Aed’ stands for a garden, and especially during the summer time their terrace is one of our favourites due to the historic yet ‘hip’ and relaxing atmosphere.

Prices: For starters 8-10€, main courses 12-21€ and desserts 4-9€. In addition, they have an excellent wine list.

More information about the restaurant can be found in our comprehensive review. Click here to book a table:

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Tallinn Restaurant Leib Resto & Aed

A starter at Leib Resto & Aed

Kaks Kokka *****

This cozy Scandinavian style restaurant serves simply fantastic food. At first glance the menu seems to consist of pretty common foods, but Kaks Kokka has been able to add their own twist to the dishes. Also the service level of the restaurant is worth mentioning, as it’s clearly better than in an average restaurant in Tallinn. To avoid disappointment, we recommend making a table reservation in advance, as otherwise you might be left without a table even on a weekday. You can make a reservation on Kaks Kokka’s website. Appetizers cost 7-10€, main courses 10-16€ and desserts 6€.

More information can be found from our review. Click here to book a table:
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Restoran Tchaikovsky *****

This is an elegant restaurant with superb service, tasty food, reasonable prices and excellent menu. The restaurant is located in the Old Town’s Vene Street, in the same building as Hotel Telegraaf. Tchaikovsky has Russian cuisine, and serves traditional food with a twist of gourmet, such as Russian dumplings, Borsch soup, fried fish and different meat dishes. During the summer season and on weekends, we recommend booking a table in advance (phone number: +372 6000 610 / online reservation).

Tip: This is an elegant fine-dining restaurant, and even though there are no required dress codes, we recommend wearing something a bit ‘fancier’. After all, Tchaikovsky has been for years one of the best restaurants in Estonia.  

Prices: The prices for starters and soups are between 9-13€,  main courses 16-26€ and desserts 5-11€. In addition, the place has an extensive wine list.

Salt Restoran *****

Salt is an idyllic yet relaxed small 28 seat restaurant, which is located about 1 kilometer away from Tallinn city centre (Viru Keskus).  The restaurant favours local and seasonal ingredients, which is always a plus. The food in Salt is definitely a la carte level but the place itself is very casual

Special: The menu changes weekly.

Prices: For starters 9-13€, main courses 10-19€ and desserts 5-7€. In addition, they have a good wine list.
More information about Salt can be found in our comprehensive review.

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Tallinn Restaurant Salt

Salt’s Cheesecake

Enzo Cafe & Restaurant ****½
Enzo is without a doubt the best restaurant in the Port of Tallinn, but so far it seems to have attracted more local customers than tourists. Enzo’s interior is modern and stylish in every way. At first glance the menu might look quite ordinary, but we can assure you that it really isn’t.

Tip: At the cafe you can order salads and main dishes for 6 to 1o euros each, so if you are looking for somewhere for lunch then Enzo Cafe might be just the place for you.  

Prices: for appetizers 8-14€, soups 9€, main courses 9-24€ and desserts 6-8€
You can read more about Enzo in our comprehensive review.

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MEKK ****½
The location of the restaurant is good, as it’s next to the Savoy Boutique Hotel in Tallinn Old Town. The interior is modern and clean (though not our favourite style), the food is delicious, and the service is friendly yet professional.

Prices: For starters 6-10€, main courses 12-22€ and desserts 4-12€.
You can read more about MEKK in our comprehensive review.

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Umami Resto ****½
This restaurant is definitely at its best in the summer, as on a warm sunny day you can have a slow laid-back lunch or dinner in the garden.  Also Umami’s retro interior is quite cozy and offers room for even a bit bigger party, since this two-storey building has various different sized rooms, and this makes Umami a good option for those who want to spend a chill out evening in privacy with their mates or family. Furthermore, tasty food is on offer and the level of service is also good.

Special: Extremely hungry customers are free to pick up apples while waiting for their meals. 😉

Prices: Appetizers in Umami cost 8-10€, soups 6€, main courses 12-21€ and desserts 4-9€.

More information can be found in our comprehensive review.

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Rataskaevu 16 ****½

This place has been one of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn for a long time and at times it’s necessary to have a booking in order to even get lunch. Rataskaevu 16 offers a relaxing atmosphere and cozy interior design, in addition to first class service and delicious food.

Special: The waiters’ messages which can be spotted in various places, such as the bill or under coffee cups.

Prices: starters and soups 3-8€, main dishes 6-16€ and desserts 3-5€.

You can read more about Rataskaevu 16 in our comprehensive review.

F-Hoone ****½

This place is definitely one of the coolest and most unique restaurants in Tallinn. However, F-Hoone isn’t a fine dining place, so if you are looking for white tablecloths, sommeliers and other fancy stuff, then it’s probably better to go elsewhere. 

Special: a small playroom for kids and little wooden clogs they can wear.

Prices: For starters 4.5-7€,  soups 3-3.5€, main courses 5.5-9€, beers 3-4€ and desserts 1.5-4€. 

More information can be found in our comprehensive review.

Tallinn Restaurant F-Hoone

Restaurant F-Hoone

Vegan Restaurant V ****

This place is definitely one of the most charming and romantic little restaurants in Tallinn. The restaurant offers delicious food and friendly service, but the drinks are a bit too expensive.
Special: The first vegan restaurant in Estonia.

Prices: For starters 3-7€, main courses 6-8.5€ and desserts 4€. 

More information about Vegan Restaurant V can be found in our comprehensive review.

Kohvik Moon ****

Kohvik Moon has already been for some time one of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn, and no wonder, because at Kohvik Moon delicious food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere are all combined. The restaurant is located about 1 kilometre away from the city centre, so it takes only 10 minute by foot to get there.

Special: Give the Russian platter a try (+ vodka shot) for a starter.

Prices: For starters 8-12€, soups 4.5-9€, main courses 10-19€ and desserts 4-9€. 

You can read more about Kohvik Moon in our comprehensive review.
Tallinn Kohvik Moon

The Russian Platter at Kohvik Moon

Kohvik Sesoon ****

Kohvik Sesoon (Cafe Season) is a lovely restaurant/cafeteria where good food and affordable price levels meet in a trendy milieu.
Special: Great place for Sunday brunch.
Prices: For starters 5-6.5€, soups 3-3.5€, main courses 6-10€ and desserts 2-4€.

More information about the restaurant can be found in our comprehensive review.

Baar Bistroo Kukeke ****-

This place is serving probably the best blinis in Tallinn. Kukeke is preaching for delicious and honest food for reasonable price, and at least so far this restaurant has managed to hold on to that.

Special: BLINIS! 😉

Prices: Appertizers 4.5–8.5€, soups 3-4€, main dishes 7.5-14€ and desserts 2-3€

More information can be found from our review

Restoran Mix ****-

This restaurant, which is located on the premises of My City Hotel, offers interesting culinary journeys and brings ‘’fusion’’ cuisine to life – a word which also appears in the restaurant’s logo. The dishes are influenced by oriental and Russian cooking.

Special: Four course surprise menu

Prices: The appetizers 5-12€, soups 5-8€, main dishes 10-28€ and desserts 4-9€.

More information can be found from our review.

These places are also worth visiting:

Bonaparte Bistro ***½

This restaurant has long been a pleasant lunch time venue for us. Lunch is served between 11 am – 3pm, from Monday to Friday. On the menu you can find soup which costs only 3 euros, while a more hearty midday meal is around 5 euros. Every now and then, we end up ordering something from the main menu and we especially recommend the tuna pasta.  More information about Bonaparte Bistro can be found in our comprehensive review.

Prices: Appetizers cost 5-8.5€, soups 3-9.5€, main dishes 5.5-11€ and desserts 1.5-3.5€

Chakra ***½

Chakra is an Indian restaurant located in the alley between Vene and Uus Street. It has become one of our favourite restaurants due to its friendly atmosphere (never take friendly service for granted in Estonia) and delicious spicy Indian food. Prices are quite high, but the portion sizes are enormous, for example 3 people can easily share 2 dishes, which compensates for the price.    

Prices: Starters are between 2-35€, and the mains 8-40€.

Chakra has also a good variety of veggie dishes. This is quite good option for vegetarians/vegans.

Cafe Mmuah ***

Based on our experiences Cafe Mmuah, which is located in Viru Keskus shopping centre, is one of the best lunch places in Tallinn city centre, if you want to get good food for a decent price. More information about the restaurant can be found in our comprehensive review.

Prices: starters in Cafe Mmuah cost 4-8€, main dishes 5-9€ and desserts 4-5.5€.

Tallinn Cafe Mmuah

Cafe Mmuah

Texas **½

This is a honky-tonk type of restaurant in Tallinn Old Town, and as the name already indicates, it’s cowboy/’saloon’ style, where you can get proper fajitas, nachos, tacos, chicken wings, and drink it all down with, for example, a Corona beer. This is one of the rare places in Tallinn where you can get spicy food, if you like chili! The atmosphere is really relaxed, and the staff are always friendly with proficient English language skills. 

Prices: Prices in Texas are around 5-15€, and the most expensive dish is 20€. 

We would like to remind you that leaving tips in Estonia is voluntary. However, if you are happy with the service,  we recommend adding at least 10 % to the final bill, because waiters’/waitresses’ hourly wages are (only!) around 3 to 4 Euros, so tips make an important part of their income. 

Locations for all the above mentioned restaurants can be found on our Tallinn map below. 

Bon Appétit!

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