Tallinn Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre (3)

Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre

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Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre is located near Tallinn Zoo, Estonian Open Air Museum and Saku Suurhall. The easiest way to reach Rocca Al Mare is by taking trolleybus number 6 from Viru Keskus (city centre) or number 7 from Balti Jaam (railroad station). The bus stop in front of Rocca Al Mare is called Zoo, so that’s the place where you should hop off. When heading back to the centre or Balti Jaam, you can find the bus stop on the opposite side of the street. The other option is to take a Prisma bus from Port of Tallinn (A and D terminal). The big plus with Prisma bus is that it’s free! 🙂

Tallinn Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre (1)

Here’s the timetable for the free bus:

Port of Tallinn -> Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre
D Terminal (Tallink) A Terminal (Viking, Eckerö) Rocca Al Mare
09.45 09.50 10.10
11.15 11.20 11.40
12.45 12.50 13.10
14.15 14.20 14.40
16.15 16.20 16.40
Rocca Al Mare -> Kristiine Shopping Centre -> Port of Tallinn
Rocca Al Mare Kristiine A Terminal (Viking, Eckerö) D Terminal (Tallink)
10.30 10.40 10.50 10.55
12.00 12.10 12.20 12.25
13.30 13.40 13.50 13.55
15.30 15.40 15.50 15.55
16.50 17.00 17.10 17.15


Rocca Al Mare is a good spot for shopping, especially if you fancy buying clothes, shoes and other fashion stuff. The shopping mall is definitely one of my favourite places to do shopping in Tallinn, and even though the bus ride takes approximately 15-25 min, it is definitely worth it. However, if you are planning to have a nice lunch or dinner, then I would recommend to head back to the city centre. Check out our restaurant list for recommendations.

Tallinn Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre (2)

Rocca Al Mare’s location can be found on our Tallinn Map (below). 

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