Rummu Karjäär, is about 45 km from Tallinn heading towards Haapsalu.  The Rummu quarry is something which has to be seen in order to be fully appreciated. During the Soviet period it was an open-cast mine, using labour mainly taken from the nearby Rummu jail. Once the jail closed, work at the quarry ended along with the groundwater pump.  The associated buildings and machines quickly became submerged. Now as a result, there is a clear-water artificial lake which is popular today among swimmers and divers.

Rummu Karjäär Estonia (5)

Despite the fact that Rummu Jarjäär doesn’t have life guards, toilets or other services, every summer the local sun worshipers and swimmers takeover the western side, where there is an underwater three-storey building. Here the water is so clear you can easily spot pieces of metal and concrete lying on the bottom. Brave young locals dive in to the lake from the abandoned building, which can be seen in the picture above. However, with the lake bed full of potentially dangerous items we don’t recommend this, even though it looks extremely tempting. Additionally, the ropes and other makeshift arrangements inside the building are not considered stable.

However, as long as you use your common sense the place is safe enough in our opinion. If you are up for a rather different beach experience on a hot summer day, Rummu Kärjäär is definitely something unique. Those interested in diving may also want to head to Rummu to witness its magnificent underwater scenery. Here’s a diving video to give you an example:

More photos:
The location of Rummu Karjäär can be found on the Tallinn map below.


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