If for some reason you can’t find anything to buy from Tallinn’s Viru Centre, Solaris, Foorum or Postimaja Centre, then you can head to Stockmann Department Store, which is also in the centre next to Swissotel and SEB bank. Stockmann is a Finnish department store with the reputation of having high-end luxury brands in its selection.
Stockmann Department Store in Tallinn City Centre (1)Kaubamaja and Stockmann are the only department stores in Tallinn city centre with a wide selection of quality products and items. Stockmann is a five-storey building: the 1st floor is for cosmetics and the Stockmann delicatessen, 2nd and 3rd floors are for clothing and accessories, 4th for various household goods and the 5th has services and a restaurant. There’s also a cafe on the 2nd floor. If you’re a brand conscious person and are interested in the latest fashion trends, this department store is for you.
Twice a year, in April and October, Stockmann has Hullud Päevad (Crazy Days) when there are hundreds of speciality products on sale. If you happen to visit Tallinn during Hullud Päevad take a look at their website and online catalogue for daily offers.
Stockmann Department Store in Tallinn City Centre (2)
If you’re a gastronomist who is (or thinks s/he is) a gourmet cook, then Stockmann’s delicatessen, along with Kaubamaja’s and Solaris’ food departments, is a good option for food shopping. However, we must admit that all of these high-end stores are occasionally missing the simpliest ingredients. For example, (this goes off the topic, sorry) based on our experience sometimes fresh basil can be found only after visiting four different stores.
Stockmann Department Store in Tallinn City Centre (3)
Stockmann’s opening hours:
Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 10am-9pm
More information is available on the department store’s website.
The location of Stockmann can be found on our Tallinn Map. 


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