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Tallinn Energy Discovery Centre (54)

Energy Discovery Centre

Tallinn’s Energy Discovery Centre used to be one of the city’s saddest museums with nothing interesting to see. We visited it once and couldn’t recommend it to anyone. Today, however, that old, dark and stuffy place is just a memory…

0 Comments / 06/04/2016

Rummu Karjäär Estonia (2)

Rummu Karjäär

Rummu Karjäär, is about 45 km from Tallinn heading towards Haapsalu.  The Rummu quarry is something which has to be seen in order to be fully appreciated. During the Soviet period it was an open-cast mine, using labour mainly taken from…

0 Comments / 18/03/2016

Tallinn Pirita Beach (4)

Pirita Beach

Legendary Pirita beach is located about 7km from Tallinn downtown and it’s within easy access whether travelling by car, cycling, or taking a bus (1A, 8, and 114A passes the Pirita and Supluse puiestee bus stops). Even though the beach is located in the…

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Tallinn Kalev Chocolate Shop in Rotermann City

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Rotermann City

The confectionery maker, Kalev’s shop, is located in Tallinn’s historical Rotermann City. Despite the store’s stylish interior the selection of chocolates isn’t really that special, as they sell basic Kalev products and handmade chocolate. You can find pretty much the same merchandise for example…

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Rock Cafe

Rock Cafe is the number one spot in Tallinn if you want to see a proper gig, as this is the venue where popular Estonian and international bands usually play. All the mega concerts are held in Saku Suurhall or Tallinn Song…

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