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Tallinn Kohvik Moon (15)

Kohvik Moon

Kohvik Moon (Cafe Poppy… the flower) has been already for some time one of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn, and no wonder, because at Kohvik Moon delicious food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere are all combined. It takes only…

0 Comments / 01/08/2016

The Danish King's Garden in Tallinn Old Town (4)

The Danish King’s Garden in Tallinn Old Town

The Danish King’s Garden is centrally situated on Toomepea Hill between the city wall and lower Tallinn. Basically it is just a small garden-like square with medieval feel to it, but there’s an interesting story behind the garden, which makes…

0 Comments / 22/07/2016

Tallinn Uba & Humal Beer and Coffee Shop (44)

Uba & Humal Beer and Coffee Shop

The beer and coffee shop Uba and Humal, which is located in close proximity of Tallinn fish market and Kohvik Moon, is probably the best and most popular beer shop in this part of town. Uba and Humal seems also to…

0 Comments / 16/04/2016

Tallinn Energy Discovery Centre (54)

Energy Discovery Centre

Tallinn’s Energy Discovery Centre used to be one of the city’s saddest museums with nothing interesting to see. We visited it once and couldn’t recommend it to anyone. Today, however, that old, dark and stuffy place is just a memory…

0 Comments / 06/04/2016

Tallinn Restoran Neikid

Cocktails and Drinks in Restoran Neikid

There are numerous great places for drinks in Tallinn and Manna La Roosa has been our favourite for a while. Now we can add Restaurant Neikid to the list, which is located in a lovely wooden building near Tallinn’s Old…

0 Comments / 04/04/2016