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Tallinn Kohvik Moon (15)

Kohvik Moon

Kohvik Moon (Cafe Poppy… the flower) has been already for some time one of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn, and no wonder, because at Kohvik Moon delicious food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere are all combined. It takes only…

0 Comments / 01/08/2016

Tallinn Cafe Mmuah (3)

Cafe Mmuah

Based on our experiences Cafe Mmuah, which is located in the Viru Keskus Shopping Centre, is one of the best lunch places in Tallinn city centre, if you want to get good food for a decent price. As there’s always a…

0 Comments / 10/03/2016

Tallinn Vegan Restaurant V (3)

Vegan Restaurant V

Vegan Restoran V was opened in April 2014 right in Tallinn Old Town, and it is the first vegan restaurant in Estonia.  You don’t have to be a vegan to love this place – it’s one of the most charming and…

1 Comment / 12/02/2015

Tallinn Restaurant Manna La Roosa (14)

Restaurant Manna La Roosa

Manna La Roosa is just few steps away from Tallinn Old Town near Viru Street. The building used to be a pharmacy but after the Soviet Union’s collapse this beautiful wooden building was sadly standing empty for over two decades. It…

0 Comments / 06/02/2015

Kohvik Sesoon in Tallinn Kalamaja District (7)

Kohvik Sesoon

Kohvik Sesoon (Cafe Season) is a lovely restaurant/cafeteria in Tallinn Kalamaja, the well preserved district of wooden architecture. Sesoon isn’t the best restaurant in Tallinn, but we like the uniqueness: it’s located in an old renovated factory building, the interior is quite plain…

0 Comments / 29/01/2015