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Restaurant & Bar Pööbel

Restaurant & Bar Pööbel is located next to the Toompea hill and is Paap Toonela’s newest restaurant – the proprietor of Pööbel also owns Café Mmuah and Scotland Yard. The direct translation of the name is “common people” and part of the interior resembles…

0 Comments / 22/12/2015

Tallinn Restaurant Rataskaevu 16 (3)

Restaurant Rataskaevu 16

Rataskaevu 16 has been one of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn for a long time, but for some reason it hasn’t made its way on to the list of Best Restaurants in Estonia. We are talking about a high-end,…

0 Comments / 18/12/2015

Tallinn Restaurant Leib Resto & Aed (44)

Restaurant Leib Resto & Aed

On a warm and sunny summer day, we were once again heading to Tallinn Old Town’s Uus Street, which is the home of restaurant Leib Resto & Aed. This place has been our favorite restaurant in Tallinn since spring 2014, so the…

0 Comments / 07/11/2015

Tallinn Restoran Umami (15)

Restaurant Umami

Restaurant Umami is located in the premises of an old (renovated) wooden house in Mustamäe district, and it is the “little brother” of Restaurant Leib Resto & Aed. On entering, your first thought might be: Where on earth am I?, as at first…

0 Comments / 17/08/2015

Tallinn Restaurant Kaks Kokka (1)

Restaurant Kaks Kokka

The top three of our restaurant recommendation list for Tallinn hasn’t changed much recently, but a visit to Restaurant Kaks Kokka finally brought that about. Kaks Kokka represents the newer restaurant scene in Tallinn and it offered such a high-quality dining…

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