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Tallinn Kalev Chocolate Shop in Rotermann City

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Rotermann City

The confectionery maker, Kalev’s shop, is located in Tallinn’s historical Rotermann City. Despite the store’s stylish interior the selection of chocolates isn’t really that special, as they sell basic Kalev products and handmade chocolate. You can find pretty much the same merchandise for example…

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Tallinn Norde Centrum (3)

Norde Centrum

Norde Centrum is just a two minute walk away from the Port of Tallinn’s passenger terminal D. It is a small shopping centre with a large RIMI Hypermarket, Sports Direct, off-license, hairdresser, pet store, casino, and a bunch of smaller shops. There’s also…

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Tallinn Rotermann City (12)

Rotermann City

Rotermann City is the most interesting shopping district in Tallinn, due to its location on an old industrial site, which nowadays combines an interesting combination of old and new. The shopping district is located in Tallinn city centre, just a…

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Kaubamaja Department Store

Kaubamaja is the best-known department store in Tallinn and can be found in Viru Keskus shopping centre, which is in the very heart of the city. The department store takes a big chunk of the shopping centre’s total floor area and…

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Tallinn Old Town Flower Stands (3)

Flower Stands on Viru Street

More than likely everyone who has ever visited Tallinn remembers the colourful flower stands along Viru street, as there are at least half a dozen in a row. So it’s almost impossible to miss the hundreds of pretty flower bouquets when entering Tallinn Old…

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