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Estonian Art Museum Kumu Tallinn (9)

Art Museum of Estonia – KUMU

KUMU (Eesti Kunstimuseeum) is one of the most interesting museums in Tallinn. The modern building itself is architecturally impressive. It’s located between the historic and beautiful Kadriorg park and Lasnamäe district. This enormous circular grey building is positioned on a…

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Tallinn Balti Jaam (Russian Market)

Jaama Turg

Tallinn’s Jaama Turg (also known as Russian Market) is the market located next to the Tallinn railway station. It’s worth visiting if you want to see something other than just Tallinn Old Town. We recommend taking cash with you, as most of…

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Tallinn-Foorum-Centre (2)

Foorum Shopping Centre

Foorum isn’t really a shopping centre but more like a shopping street located in Tallinn city centre. The place is just a stone’s throw away from Viru Keskus, Postimaja Keskus and Coca Cola Plaza movie theater. There are two entrances to…

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Tallinn Kadriorg Park's Swan Pond (2)

Kadriorg Park’s Swan Pond

Kadriorg Park’s Swan Pond is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the whole park, and if you take tram number 1 or 3 from Tallinn city centre to Kadriorg, the pond is located on your right when you…

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Tallinn Viru Hotel KGB Museum

Viru Hotel’s KGB Museum

The Viru Hotel KGB Museum offers one of the most fascinating guided tours in Tallinn, as you learn a lot about the KGB and visit the secret spy rooms on the 24th floor. The tour is really informative and the…

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