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Tallinn Deer Statue (7)

Deer Statue and the Legend of How Tallinn Got Its Name

There are several stories and explanations regarding how Tallinn got its name, but perhaps the most popular one dates back to the time when the Danish King Valdemar had conquered North Estonia in the 13th century. The King liked hunting in his…

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Tallinn City Tour Bus (3)

Tallinn City Tour Busses

If you’re coming to Tallinn just for a day and want to get a quick overview of the city, then we recommend taking a bus tour with Tallinn City Tour. One day isn’t enough to really see, feel and explore Tallinn,…

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Telliskivi Flea Market (4)

Telliskivi Flea Market

One of the most well-known if not the best known flea market in Tallinn is located in Telliskivi Loomelinnak. The flea market is open every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm and you can purchase all kinds of things ranging from…

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Balloon Tallinn

Balloon Tallinn

Balloon Tallinn is a giant helium balloon located next to Port of Tallinn’s Terminal A. The gondola can accommodate 20-30 people and rises to 120 metres, where you can enjoy the amazing view towards Tallinn and the Baltic Sea. Balloon Tallinn is…

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Tallinn Pierre Chocolaterie and Masters' Courtyard (1)

Masters’ Courtyard and Pierre Chocolaterie

Pierre Chocolaterie is located in Masters’ Courtyard, which without a doubt is one of the most beautiful places in Tallinn Old Town. The cafeteria itself is good enough reason to visit the courtyard, as Pierre offers a delicious selection of hot chocolates…

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