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Tallink Express Hotel

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The ferry company Tallink has three hotels in Tallinn city centre: Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, Tallink City Hotel and Tallink Express Hotel. The last mentioned is located near Port of Tallinn’s Terminal A and offers clean rooms and a decent breakfast for relatively low price. The hotel is located only five minutes walk away from Tallinn Old Town and about 10 minutes from the city centre. Places like Kohvik Moon, Linnahall and Fishmarket can be found nearby.

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The rooms are simply and neatly furnished and there’s hot water available too, but don’t expect any luxury, for example the pillows and towels feel a bit cheap. In addition, if you happen to be a light sleeper, this budget hotel may not be for you, as noise from the corridor and outside wafts into the rooms.

On the other hand, Tallink Express offers really wallet-friendly accommodation, so you can’t too expect much. When we visited the hotel, we were actually slightly surprised to hear that the accommodation included breakfast. The breakfast offered pretty basic stuff like for example pancakes, scrambled eggs, bread, cereals and juice, but at least we had nothing to complain about. Breakfast is served till 11 am, which is good for late risers.

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In case you are looking for affordable accommodation in Tallinn and the level of facilities is not the most important thing, then Tallink Express Hotel could be a potential option for you. All in all, our visit to this budget hotel was quite positive experience and the place offers  good value for money. To see the rates and for booking, click the following link:


The locations of the places mentioned in the post can be found on our Tallinn Map (below).

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