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Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport is located about 4 kilometres from Tallinn city centre. The airport isn’t exactly the Heathrow of the Baltic countries, as there are only a couple of dozen daily flights to other Estonian cities and destinations in Europe, plus some less frequent flights to other continents. So it isn’t the busiest airport in the world and the size of the airport isn’t going to blow your mind either, but still we have to say that it’s the coziest and comfiest airport that we have seen. At Tallinn airport you’ll find a cute small cafeteria, playing area for kids, stylish waiting areas (sponsored by newspaper Postimees and teleoperator EMT) and reading area with armchairs and bookshelves. Btw, the books on the shelves have been donated by previous passengers, so if you like you can choose one from the shelves and take it with you or leave one of your books there. 🙂

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“Walll of Fame”

One pretty funny detail in Tallinn airport is the ‘Wall of Fame’ where you can find photos of famous people, like heads of state, athletes and other celebrities, who have visited the airport. Another thing worth mentioning is the ‘Business Card Exchange’ wall where can leave your business card or take a card that seems of interest to you (also our card can be found on the wall 😉 ). Despite its small size, Tallinn airport offers a surprisingly good variety of airport services, so you can actually have a proper meal at the airport or enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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Fancy a book for the flight? Help yourself. 🙂

There’s a really convenient bus connection from the airport to Tallinn city centre, as you can just hop on bus number 2 (Kesklinn) and  it will take you to the centre and port of Tallinn. You can buy a single ticket from the driver and it will cost you 1,60€, but in case you are planning to use public transportation in Tallinn, then we advise purchasing Ühiskaart travel card (and + some credit on it) from the airport’s post office. The third option is to purchase Tallinn Card from the post office or online, as it entitles you to use public transportation free of charge.

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The bus stop is located downstairs. There’s also indoor waiting area, so in case of bad weather there’s no need to wait outside.

You could also take a taxi to the centre, which costs around 5-6€ (our taxi recommendations can be found from here). By the way, the biggest mall in Estonia called Ülemiste Keskus is located only a short walk away from the Tallinn airport, so for shopaholics and other shopping enthusiastics this is a must visit place. 🙂

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Tallinn airport’s location can be found on the Tallinn Map below.

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