Tallinn central market (Keskturg) is located about 2 kilometres from the city centre, and can easily be reached either on foot or by bus number 2. At the central market you can purchase groceries, as well as clothes, small items, cigarettes etc.  We recommend taking cash with you, as most of the stands don’t have terminals for card payments. The market is open on Monday to Saturday  07.00-17.00 and on Sundays 07.00-16.00.
Tallinn Central Market (3)

If you are planning to visit Tallinn central market, our advice is the same as for station market: take care of your belongings and blend in with the crowd. We have visited Keskturg dozens of times without any problems but looking like a clueless tourist might increase the probability of getting into problems, on the whole though you’ll be fine. 🙂Tallinn Central Market (2)

The location of Keskturg can be found on the Tallinn map below.


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