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Energy Discovery Centre

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Tallinn’s Energy Discovery Centre used to be one of the city’s saddest museums with nothing interesting to see. We visited it once and couldn’t recommend it to anyone. Today, however, that old, dark and stuffy place is just a memory as the Energy Discovery Centre opened its doors again in 2014 after a complete renovation, resulting in a fascinating scientific attraction. What’s definitely best about the Centre is that visitors can have hands-on experience with many of the exhibits. The is a great place for children but really everyone gets into the fun spirit, the ground floor especially is full of  gadgets which are worth checking out. In total there are 130 try-it-yourself items with an info board next to each.

Tallinn Energy Discovery Centre (3)

The first floor is possibly the least interesting out of the three storey Energy Centre, however the second floor, on the other hand, houses their most terrific surprise. There’s a transformer inside Nikolai Tesla’s Faraday cage with a 10 minute thunder show every day at 2.30pm and 5.30pm. Tesla’s transformer is quite loud so it might be too much for the little ones, I heard a few toddlers crying during my visit. In addition to the cage and the transformer there are more ‘experiements’ on the top floor to try out. The Energy Discovery Centre’s location is easily accessible, just a few minutes walk from the A-terminal and about 10 minutes from Tallinn’s city centre, so especially convenient for those visiting with children.

Tallinn Energy Discovery Centre (3)

The Energy Centre is open 10am – 7pm from Mon to Fri, and 11am -7pm on the weekends. The last entry is one hour before closure. Adults are charged 9 euros, school children, students, seniors, teachers 7 euros, children aged 5-6 3 euros and families 25 euros (1-2 adults and children under 19). Group (min. 12 people) entry costs 7 euros per person.

There is also a planetarium with shows daily at 11 am, 2.30 pm ja 5.45.pm (in Estonian) with the tickets priced at 2-3 euros. There is more information on the Energy Centre website.

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The location of Energy Discovery Centre can be found on the Tallinn map below.
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