Foorum isn’t really a shopping centre but more like a shopping street located in Tallinn city centre. The place is just a stone’s throw away from Viru Keskus, Postimaja Keskus and Coca Cola Plaza movie theater. There are two entrances to the shopping street: one on Viru Keskus’ side and another on the harbor side of the building. Altogether there are about 20 shops in Foorum and most of these are small boutiques. It must be said that there really isn’t anything that special about this place and you can find pretty much same products from Viru Keskus or any other major shopping centre in Tallinn. On the other hand, all these places are located within a walking distance from each other, so while visiting Viru Keskus and Postimaja Keskus you can pop in to Foorum.  More information can be found from Foorum’s website.
Tallinn Foorum Centre 1
Foorum centre’s opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10am-8pm
Sun 10am-7pm

The following shops can be found on Foorum: Bio4You, Kangas & Nööp, Marc & Andre, Mosaic, Noa Noa, The Children’s Room, Coocon, Lens Optika, LUSH, Millennia, Morgan, Nju, Polarn O. Pyret, REM, Replay, S’NOB, Sokisahtel, Thaya Shop & Salon, Subway,Bonaparte, Cubanita, St.Patrick, Vapiano, Tele2 & Swedbank.

The location of Foorum centre can be found on our Tallinn Map. 


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