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Go Hotel Shnelli

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The Go Hotel Shnelli, which is next to Tallinn railway station is an excellent option for those travellers who don’t want to spend much money on accommodation. This budget accommodation doesn’t offer the experience of a 5 star hotel, nor Tallinn’s most beautiful view or a spa but it does have all the basic necessities. The hotel’s simple rooms are neat with clean linen and hot water. Our room was situated beside the station with a view to the rail yard. We therefore expected to hear a lot of noise from passing trains and passengers, we are happy to report however that this wasn’t the case.

With regard to the hotel’s surroundings, it has to be said that Tallinn Railway Station isn’t one of Tallinn’s most appealing places, especially in the evening. On the other hand, we have strolled around the area so many times over the years that we don’t consider it to be particularly dangerous. The hotel has clearly wanted to ensure its guests’ safety as you cannot use the lifts without a room card and a guard patrols the corridors in the evening. Despite being a bit far from Tallinn’s city centre, Go Hotel Shnelli’s location is actually quite good, for example Kalamaja District and the Old Town are with in walking distance. The room price includes breakfast which was a real surprise given the low rate we paid.

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The location of Go Hotel Shnelli can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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