Hotel Euroopa (Eng – Europe) is situated near Tallinn ferry terminals and it takes just 10 minutes to walk into the Old Town. This four star hotel was opened in 2007 and overall it’s a good business hotel: the service is friendly and the rooms are clean. You may notice from our photos that the interior looks rather simple, but Külli Salum purposely designed it that way. The interior design is based on Estonian traditions and nature; the materials used include local limestone, dolomite, oak and European ash. Carpets and blankets are also made from natural materials and have a national pattern on them. The little sheep mascot that awaits you on the bed is a cute touch. And don’t worry, if you become good friends with that sheep, he’s for sale so you can take him home with you.

Tallinn Hotel Euroopa (3)
‘Baaah! Welcome!’

Some of the rooms have a view of a parking lot whilst others have a nicer view of Tallinn yacht harbour. If you prefer the latter, then we recommend expressing your wish when booking a room. On the ground floor you’ll find Restaurant Olive, but to be honest we haven’t tried their a la carte foods, as we didn’t find it particularly inviting, especially since there are sooo many amazing restaurants in Tallinn. Here you can find our restaurant recommendations. The breakfast served in Restaurant Olive is good but not the best one in Tallinn. Then again, Hotel Euroopa’s room rates are cheaper than some fancier hotels, so you can’t have it all.

Tallinn Hotel Euroopa (5)
This photo was taken in early spring, which is why there are no boats yet. Naturally, during the summer time the yacht harbour is more vibrant.

As mentioned Hotel Euroopa is a good business hotel, but it’s also not a bad option for families either. The harbour area is peaceful at nights when compared to Tallinn city centre and Old Town. For 15€/day, you can leave your car in a security-monitored garage . If you want to stay at Hotel Euroopa, you can book a room using the following link:


For more information, visit their website.

The location of Hotel Euroopa can be found on our Tallinn map below.

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