Over the years, Hotel Telegraaf, has continuously found itself on the list of top-rated hotels in Tallinn.  Before it became a hotel the original building, which was constructed in 1878, was a bank and later a post office and telegram office.

Based on the amount of positive comments we had heard, this 5-star hotel located in Tallinn Old Town seems to have left quite an impression on its visitors.  For example, a couple of friends of ours who had initially booked a room for 2 nights ended up extending their stay for a third. 🙂

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Our two night stay at the hotel was a pleasant escape from the hectic schedule of everyday life. We soon realised why so many people have fallen in love with this hotel. The beautifully decorated and spacious rooms are definitely among Tallinn’s best. The cozy spa offers the chance to enjoy a stress-free holiday, while the Restaurant Tchaikovsky is a great place to start one’s day with a top-notch breakfast. Restaurant Tchaikovsky is also featured on our Restaurant list, therefore we highly believe that the lunch and dinner menu is worth trying out. It was the little things however that impressed us the most and what makes this five star hotel stand out from the crowd.

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Telegraaf is one of Tallinn’s most expensive hotels, so the expectations are high. Rather than write about the things we would normally expect in a good hotel, such as quality bed linen and pillows, it was the small things that created such a positive impression. The service provided by the concierge, which included fresh water bottles every morning and the turndown service in the evening are things not to be found in every hotel.

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We had heard however a couple of negative comments regarding the service beforehand and although it was mostly on a positive side, it could have been better during our breakfast. Instead of the waiter coming at the beginning to ask whether we would like coffee or tea, we were already half way through eating before he approached. Moreover, a small introduction or dietary information on the breakfast items available would have been useful. Telegraaf has always been popular among celebrities and heads of state, as for example Green Day, Elisabeth Hurley, Enrique Iglesias, Erkki Tuomioja, Jean-Claude Trichet ja Jean Todt have stayed there.

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All in all it can be said that Telegraaf is without a doubt one of best hotels in Tallinn together with Swisshotel Tallinn and St. Petersbourg. Each of them have their pros so it’s difficult to say which one is ultimately the best one. But based on our experiences, we can say that none of these will disappoint you. Telegraaf fulfilled our expectations and we can recommend it to anyone who is ready to pay extra for luxury and additional extras. For more information please check the hotel’s website. If you want to stay at Hotel Telegraaf, you can book a room using the following link:

Varaa Huone

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