Kadriorg Park’s Swan Pond is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the whole park, and if you take tram number 1 or 3 from Tallinn city centre to Kadriorg, the pond is located on your right when you enter the park. Particularly during the summer the pond is simply stunning, and it is also a good spot for a picnic. City of Tallinn has provided free Wi-Fi connection to this area and there are several benches around the pond where you can sit down, relax and watch the birds or play with your iPad.

Tallinn Kadriorg Park's Swan Pond (1)

During the winter time the atmosphere is naturally very different from summer. However, if you want to take a refreshing walk in the park then Cafe Katharinenthal is a good place to warm up and to have a cup of hot chocolate. Katharinenthal also serves food and in summer time they have a nice terrace where you can, for example, have a quick lunch or enjoy a glass of wine.

The location of  Kadriorg Park’s Swan Pond and Cafe Katharinenthal can be found on our Tallinn Map (below).


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