Kaubamaja Department Store

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Kaubamaja is the best-known department store in Tallinn and can be found in Viru Keskus shopping centre, which is in the very heart of the city. The department store takes a big chunk of the shopping centre’s total floor area and you can find everything from cosmetics and apparel, to consumer electronics, to groceries. Twice a year, usually in April and October, Kaubamaja has Osturalli (a shopping rally) when there are hundreds of specialty products on sale. Another department store in town, called Stockmann, has a similar event called Hullud Päevad. If you happen to visit Tallinn during Osturalli, take a look at Kaubamaja’s website and online catalogue for daily offers. Before going on a shopping spree in Kaubamaja, we recommend you to get a Partnerkaart card, which costs a couple of euros, and gives you a 5% discount on everything.
Tallinn Kaubamaja Department Store (1)
Kaubamaja’s opening hours:
Mon-Sun 9am-9pm (Grocery store 9am-10pm)
The location of Kaubamaja can be found on our Tallinn Map. 

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