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Kristiine Keskus shopping centre is located about 10 minutes ride away from Tallinn city centre, which is as long as it takes to travel to Ülemiste Keskus, the biggest mall in Estonia. So, in our opinion visiting Ülemiste Keskus or staying in the city centre, which has many shops and a few department stores, makes more sense. About five years ago Kristiine went through a pretty extensive renovation and a new section was opened, where you’ll find a couple of okayish restaurants, Marks & Spencer and some other stores. In addition, Prisma supermarket is located in Kristiine Keskus, which offers a good variety of groceries. Altogether there are nearly 170 shops including about 100 fashion stores and 18 restaurants/cafes, so there really isn’t anything wrong with the place. Local people living in Kristiine and Mustamäe districts visit the shopping centre, but from the tourist’s perspective there just aren’t many good reasons to go to the bother.
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The new section clearly improved the general appearance of the centre, but still it can’t compete with its big brother Rocca Al Mare or Ülemiste Keskus.  The location of Kristiine from Tallinn city centre is better than Rocca Al Mare’s but as mentioned before it doesn’t have this advantage over Ülemiste. More information about Kristiine Keskus can be found here.

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The easiest way to reach Kristiine Keskus shopping centre from Tallinn city centre (Viru Keskus) is by trolley bus number 3 or 6. If you are coming from Tallinn central railway station then hop on to trolley bus number 4. The third option is to take a Prisma bus from Port of Tallinn (A and D terminal), but the bus drives first to Rocca Al Mare shopping centre and then to Kristiine Keskus. The big plus with Prisma bus is that it’s free! 🙂

Here’s the timetable for the free bus:

Port of Tallinn -> Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre
D Terminal (Tallink) A Terminal (Viking, Eckerö) Rocca Al Mare
09.45 09.50 10.10
11.15 11.20 11.40
12.45 12.50 13.10
14.15 14.20 14.40
16.15 16.20 16.40
Rocca Al Mare -> Kristiine Shopping Centre -> Port of Tallinn
Rocca Al Mare Kristiine A Terminal (Viking, Eckerö) D Terminal (Tallink)
10.30 10.40 10.50 10.55
12.00 12.10 12.20 12.25
13.30 13.40 13.50 13.55
15.30 15.40 15.50 15.55
16.50 17.00 17.10 17.15
The location of  Kristiine Keskus can be found on the Tallinn map below.


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