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Pirita Beach

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Legendary Pirita beach is located about 7km from Tallinn downtown and it’s within easy access whether travelling by car, cycling, or taking a bus (1A, 8, and 114A passes the Pirita and Supluse puiestee bus stops). Even though the beach is located in the Pirita suburbs, it attracts people from all over the city, making it Tallinn’s biggest and most popular beach. Consequently, when there are thousands of sunbathers on a warm sunny day, don’t expect much privacy or your own space. If you get claustrophobic, we recommend heading to, for example, Viimsi beach.

Pirita offers a few bars/restaurants, kiosks, parks with paved trails, changing cabins, toilets, lockers, areas for beach games, ten-pin bowling club, playgrounds for kids, lifeguards, and yacht and surf clubs. In addition, you’ll find a grocery store on the other side of the road in case you want to put together your own picnic basket. The three km long beach has smooth sand and you need to wade out for quite a while before the water becomes deep, so it’s a nice beach for families and children. We believe Pirita’s popularity is based on the fact that there is something for everyone.

Tallinn Pirita Beach (2)

The location of Pirita beach can be found on our Tallinn map below.

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