Tallinn Postimaja Shopping Centre (33)

Postimaja Shopping Centre

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The Postimaja shopping mall, opened a few years ago in Tallinn, has branches of H&M, Rimi, New Yorker, Rademar, NS King, Benu Apteek, Pere Optika, R-kiosk, Reval Café and Eesti Post. Originally constructed for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, and now completely renovated, the centre has brought some new shops into the city previously only found in Kristiine Centre, Rocca Al Mare or Ülemiste Centre. Additionally with the Viru Centre, Foorum and Rotermann City just a stone’s throw away from Postimaja, Tallinn city centre is steadily being filled with malls, and soon there’ll be no need to go far for a particular shop. If that’s not enough, there are also Solaris Centre and Stockmann within walking distance.Tallinnan Postimaja Keskus (5)

The location of Postimaja Shopping Centre can be found on the Tallinn map below.
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