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Pudel Baar in Tallinn Kalamaja District

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Pudel Baar (Eng. ‘Bottle Bar’) is located on Tallinn’s Telliskivi Street (approx. 2km from city centre) and it’s one of our favourite bars in Tallinn. Pudel Bar only sells craft beers – the beer selection varies from bigger Scottish BrewDog and Dannish Mikkeller breweries to local Estonian microbreweries. Pudel Bar has a wide selection of beers from Europe and USA, but if you are not into speciality beers and want to drink ‘safely’ e.g. Corona or local Saku, then don’t waste your time going to Pudel because they don’t sell mass-produced commercial beers. Although, to be precise (sliding a bit off topic), it depends how one defines a ‘commercial/mass-produced’ brewery, because, without mentioning any names, the ‘craft beer revolution’-ideology of some breweries is rather questionable.

We’ve enjoyed many excellent beers with snacks at Pudel Bar. The interior is light, minimal and very Scandinavian. It’s actually refreshing when compared to other Estonian bars.  The prices are reasonable with the majority of beers costing 4-5 € /bottle, and the most expensive ones at 15-20€. However, the biggest shortcoming of the Pudel Bar is the toilets, which are outside and probably haven’t been renovated since the construction of the building – they smell and sometimes don’t work at all.
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The service is laid-back but professional. In summer, Pudel has a little terrace, which in its own way is quite attractive, as it’s located in an old industrial area and you’ll notice the old Baltic Railroad Factory’s tracks going near the building. Telliskivi is the biggest centre of creative industries in Estonia and you’ll find many hip and trendy design shops, studios, galleries and restaurants, among which we can especially recommend F-Hoone and Kolm Sibulat. Although this has become a trendy district, it’s completely safe for ‘non-hipsters’ as well. 😉 Also, if you want to purchase beers straight from an Estonian brewery Speakeasy by Põhjala is Põhjala’s own bar located in Kopli 4, which is sort of along the way to Telliskivi near Balti Jaam, the main railway station in Tallinn.

However, you don’t need to go all the way to Telliskivi just to enjoy a good craft beer or two. Right in the Old Town is our another favourite beer place called Koht/Moonshine Bar which you can read all about in this post.

Pudel Bar’s Opening Hours:

Mon-Wed 4pm-12am
Thu 4pm-2am
Fri-Sat 12pm-2am
Sun 2pm-12am

More photos:
 Pudel Bar’s location can be found on our Tallinn Map (below).

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