Tallinn’s railway station (Balti Jaam) is located a little under 2 kilometres from the city centre. Balti Jaam is the main railway station, so whether you are planning to use commuter rail, head to other parts of Estonia (e.g. Narva, Viljandi, Tartu or Pärnu) or travel all the way to Moscow, Russia, this is the place to start the journey. More information about the tickets and timetables can be found on the Elron’s website. There’s also a bus stop for local trolley buses and buses, and at the other end of the station you’ll find a tram stop. The railway station itself isn’t the most beautiful building in Tallinn, as despite some renovation it still looks like an old Soviet building. Inside there’s a grocery store (Selver), R-Kiosk and a couple of other shops, but there really isn’t anything special about this place. While at the station we recommend visiting the market hall and Jaama Turg (station market).
Tallinn Railway Station (1)However, we don’t recommend walking around the station at night time, as it could be dangerous. If you do decide to go there, just try to blend in with the locals and keep a low profile. Over the years we have never had any problems, but like many other main railway stations, unfortunately Balti Jaam tends to attract homeless people and junkies.
Tallinn Railway Station (2)
The location of  Balti Jaam can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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