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Restaurant & Bar Pööbel is located next to the Toompea hill and is Paap Toonela’s newest restaurant – the proprietor of Pööbel also owns Café Mmuah and Scotland Yard. The direct translation of the name is “common people” and part of the interior resembles a cottage with its firewood, fireplace and books. However, the end result makes the place look trendy and hip, hence making Pööbel a strong addition to Tallinn’s constantly growing number of stylish and contemporary restaurants, cafes and bars. The restaurant is in an old wooden house, which for 21 years was used by Tallinn’s biggest weekly magazine Maalehe.

Tallinn Restaurant Bar Pööbel (1)

Pööbel is not necessarily our favorite place in Tallinn, but we definitely don’t have anything bad to say about it either. Their pub food menu offers a wide selection of simple yet delicious dishes, such as pulled pork, chicken, burgers and fried herring. These are also very wallet-friendly, as the main dishes vary from 6 to 10€. The appetizers cost 5-8€, salads 5-7€, soups 3-5€ and desserts around 4€. Additionally they serve various kinds of snacks such as cheese platters and grilled sausages, which cost around 3-8€. Lastly, Pööbel has a pretty comprehensive beer list and numerous other drinks are available. You can check their website for more information.

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The location of Restaurant & Bar Pööbel can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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