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Restaurant Kaks Kokka

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The top three of our restaurant recommendation list for Tallinn hasn’t changed much recently, but a visit to Restaurant Kaks Kokka finally brought that about. Kaks Kokka represents the newer restaurant scene in Tallinn and it offered such a high-quality dining experience that we literally left the place with a smile on our faces. The restaurant can also be found on the Best Restaurants in Estonia 2015 list, so it seems that we are not the only happy customers. 🙂 The restaurant is located in Tallinn Rotermann City next door to Restaurant Ö, which is the big brother of Kaks Kokka. The name of the restaurant means Two Chefs, who in this case are Martin Meikas and Ranno Paukson. The third co-owner of the restaurant is Sparkling Group, which also (co-)owns places like Restaurant Ö, Restaurant Tchaikovsky and Restaurant Bocca.

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This cozy Scandinavian style restaurant serves simply fantastic food. At first glance the menu seems to consist of pretty common foods, but Kaks Kokka has been able to add their own twist to familiar dishes like prawn salad and fried pike-perch. When visiting the restaurant you might notice that the place is full of pots of herbs, which aren’t there just for decoration. Kaks Kokka uses those fresh herbs in their dishes and we happened to witness how new pots were brought from the kitchen in formation, which looked a bit like a small parade. 🙂 Also the service level of the restaurant is worth mentioning, as it’s clearly better than in an average restaurant in Tallinn. To avoid disappointment, we recommend making a table reservation in advance, as otherwise you might be left without a table even on a weekday. Appetizers cost 7-10€, main courses 10-16€ and desserts 6€. Click here to book a table:
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Restaurant opening hours:
Mon-Thu 12.00-23.00
Fri-Sat 12.00-00.00
Sun 13.00-22.00

More photos:

The location of Restaurant Kaks Kokka can be found on the Tallinn map below.

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