Usually dinners in Tallinn’s restaurants have followed more or less same formula: check the menu and choose your appetizer, main dish and dessert. The Restaurant MIX, which is located on the premises of My City Hotel offers a small but new twist to this tried and tested method, because they serve their customers a four course surprise menu. You can choose from a meat, fish or vegetarian menu, and it’s also possible to mix these. The staff will also check whether you have any allergies or special dietary requirements, so there should be something for everyone. 🙂 This time we ended up choosing the fish menu accompanied by the restaurant’s wine recommendations.

Tallinn Restaurant Mix (8)

Before getting down to “business” we were served a glass of sparking wine, homemade bread and chef’s entrée – a Russian style fish roll. Restaurant MIX’s sweet bread was an interesting experience, as it contained dried plum, raisins and seeds. The surprise menu took us on a culinary journey and brought ‘’fusion’’ cuisine to life – a word which also appears in the restaurant’s logo. The dishes were influenced by oriental and Russian cooking. We were very pleased with the quality of the food, except for the main dish of tuna which was over-cooked, therefore we pointed this out to our waiter. The staff handled our feedback in a professional manner and soon after we received a new dish with apologies from the chef.

So, there’s nothing to complain about in terms of customer service and actually Restaurant MIX is among our top experiences for this. The service we and the guests at the neighboring tables received was professional and sincerely friendly. The atmosphere was great due to their interior design, together with suitable lighting and slow-paced jazz music, which created the right feeling for a relaxing Friday night dinner out.

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This restaurant, which was previously located in Tallinn Old Town’s Pikk Street, managed to impress us well enough to make its way on to our Recommended Restaurants list. Normally, the four course surprise menu costs 78€ but lately TableOnline has been running a special promotion for it’s customers, so by booking the table through their reservation system, you can get two surprise menus for price of one. You can book a table by clicking the “Book a Table” button below. The appetizers cost 5-12€, soups 5-8€, main dishes 10-28€ and desserts 4-9€. More information about Restaurant MIX can be found at their website.

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Restaurant opening hours:
Mon-Sun 10.00-23.00
More photos:
The location of Restaurant MIX can be found on the Tallinn map below.


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